Violence is never the answer

by Rucker Preston If there was ever a time that Jesus could have advocated for any level of violence as a means to an end, it was the night that He was betrayed. When the priests and officers carried torches, swords and clubs to arrest Jesus, Peter struck the ear of the high priest’s servant […]

Our unfinished business

by Gerald Britt The tragedy of Charottesville, Virginia is looking more like a watershed moment in terms of 21st century race relations. The deaths of two police officers and Heather Heyer, who forever deserve to have their names etched with the names of Civil Rights martyrs, being seen as living drama that demonstrates America’s unfinished business […]

Standing against hate is not nearly enough

by Rucker Preston After the events that unfolded just a few days ago in Charlottesville, it is encouraging to hear people, especially faith leaders across our state and country, speak out in opposition to hate speech and the groups that advance such ideas. In my own church on Sunday, I heard these words preached from […]