Javier Perez To Work as  Part-Time Consultant for TxCCDN

With unique work experience and cultural sensitivity, the TxCCDN board of directors sought out Javier Perez to help deepen the impact of the Texas network among Hispanics and large cities. Perez is employed by Buckner International to oversee their global missions efforts and create outcome-based transformational frameworks in poverty alleviation and missional engagement. Growing up […]

Rucker Preston Selected as  New TxCCDN Statewide Coordinator

Transitions to Executive Director in Months Ahead Twenty candidates from all over Texas applied for the the positions of the TxCCDN Statewide Coordinator and Executive Director. Among them was the young man that the board of directors determined was uniquely qualified for roles needed for this season of the network’s future. Rucker Preston has served […]