No Need Among You 2017 in Houston

October 25-27…Save the date!
Sponsorships Available Now

Banner Sponsor: St. John the Divine ($15,000)
Session Sponsor: Doblia ($10,000) (+4 available)
Speaker Sponsor: $5000 (+5 available)
Full Page Ad Sponsor: $10,000
Half-Page Ad Sponsor: $5000
Quarter-Page Ad Sponsor: $2500
Organizational Sponsors: $1500; $1000, or $500
Exhibitor Table: $200

$500 level will get their name, but not their logo, in the program or an exhibitor table. $1000 level will receive 50% off  of the exhibitors table and they will receive a small logo in the marketing material; $1500 level will receive 3 pre-registrations plus conference exhibitor table and a large logo in the programming.

$15,000 level has been taken by St. John the Divine as the banner sponsor of the event. In addition, Doblia $10,000 session sponsor, $5,000 speaker sponsor, and a $2500 quarter page sponsor, the $10,000 sponsor will receive a full page ad in the conference guide, and the $5,000 will receive a half-page ad and $2,500 a quarter-page.


The Residence Inn Marriott is offering an excellent discounted conference rate starting at $119/night.  The cut-off date for this rate is Monday, October 2, 2017.
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