Galveston Urban Ministry: Solar Lights to Uganda

gum-logoGalveston Urban Ministry Youth Send Solar Lights to Uganda
Help light up the world! G.U.M. created their new YG3 (Youth Go Green Global), a teen job training program using solar technology, and has hired two youth and  two interns. Each solar kit (LED lights, solar panel, and rechargeable battery) will ultimately impact health on a global scale.
GUM has partnered with Austin Christian Fellowship to buy the first thirty kits to be sent to Africa. This project will directly impact the health of the families in which the lights will be placed. 1/3 of the world is still without electricity, and causes them to use open flames, and other sources of unhealthy lighting. The solar kits we are sending are impacting health on a global scale. The assembled solar panel light kits are used by individuals and households throughout the undeveloped world.
30 solar kits arrived in Uganda last week that our youth built!  Though these kits are not a sustainable long-term solution, they can mitigate the extreme difficulties of having no electricity and perhaps help assist in jump starting the economy.


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