Conference Speakers

Bob Lupton

Bob and his wife Peggy and their two sons sold their suburban home and moved into the inner-city where they have lived and served as neighbors among those in need.  Their life’s work has been the rebuilding of urban neighborhoods where families can  flourish and children can grow into healthy adults. Bob is a Christian community developer, an entrepreneur who brings together communities of resource with communities of need. Through FCS, he has developed two mixed income subdivisions, organized a multi-racial congregation, started a number of businesses, created housing for hundreds of families and initiated a wide range of human services in his community. He is the author of several books including the widely read, Toxic Charity,  Theirs Is the Kingdom, Renewing the City, and the widely circulated “Urban Perspectives”, a monthly reflection on the Gospel and the poor. Bob released a brand new book in July 2015 titled Charity Detox which draws on his many decades of experience, and outlines how to structure programs that actually improve the quality of the life of the poor and disenfranchised. Bob has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Georgia. He serves as speaker, strategist, and inspirer with those throughout the nation who seek to establish God’s Shalom in the city.

D.Z. Cofield

D. Z. Cofield is a native New Yorker, who has traveled across the world serving in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He earned a Masters Degree in Theology at the Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry Degree at Faith Evangelical Seminary in Tacoma, Washington.
Dr. Cofield currently serves as the Senior Pastor of the historic Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.  Since that time, Good Hope has grown from a congregation of approximately 150 members to an active membership of more than 3,000. The Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church has had several extraordinary mission and outreach programs developed under his leadership, including:

Hope for Families-A non-profit organization with the express purpose of rebuilding urban communities by rebuilding families through innovative and creative programs to address many of the economic and social needs of people in the urban core of our society.

The Barbara Jordan International Preschool- A state licensed preschool teaches children in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

The Hope Educational District-Established for the express purpose of developing and implementing creative and innovative education strategies to educate children to become positive, contributing members of the global community.

He is a former instructor at Dallas Theological Seminary and a former adjunct professor at the College of Biblical Studies-Houston. He currently teaches nationally and internationally in the areas of Christian Education, Expository Preaching, Pastoral Ministries, and Worship and Educational Leadership.

Additionally he hosts a weekly news and public affairs radio show on KTSU 90.9 FM in Houston, TX called Real World, Real Talk, where he discusses current events and issues people are dealing with in our world, and has a television broadcast, Word of Hope Ministries, that is on every Sunday through Friday on The KUBE, providing daily inspiration and insight from The Word of God.

Ikki Soma

Ikki Soma serves as the Servant Pastor of City of Refuge Church, one of the most diverse churches in America. He is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and Dallas Theological Seminary. He is on and has been on the board for several urban ministries. He was the chaplain for the University of Texas at San Antonio football team and is currently one of the chaplains for the Houston Rockets. He and his wife Tara are the parents of two daughters Evetta and Grace. In his free time he enjoys going out to lunch with his wife, watching his daughters play volleyball, reading, and running.

Lisa Trevino Cummins

Lisa Treviño Cummins is founder and President of Urban Strategies, an organization dedicated to tooling, equipping, and resourcing faith and community based organizations to serve vulnerable children and families.  In the organization’s 14 year history, Urban Strategies has designed and implemented more than $100 million in programming that has impacted thousands of lives.   Urban Strategies portfolio of work is broad and includes family strengthening, responsible fatherhood, working with adjudicated and refugee youth, early child development and health and well-being.  While their efforts are diverse, the common thread that connects Urban Strategies work is its emphasis on life-transforming relationships at the community level.  Prior to founding Urban Strategies, Lisa served as Associate Director in launching the White House Faith and Community-Based Initiative and completed a twelve-year stint as Senior Vice President with Bank of America Community Development Banking.  A native Texan, Lisa is a graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio and the University of Texas in San Antonio.  She and her family reside in Washington, D.C. with their oldest daughter attending Baylor University.

Stephen Klineberg