Class for Credit


The Texas Christian Community Development Network is coming to Houston in October 

and invites you to join us for an outstanding conference with an academic option.

Syllabus: October 23-27 – Christian Com Dev Class Generic Syllabus (Houston ’17)

Dear Seminary/Academic Colleague or Houston Urban Ministry,

For over twelve years, George W. Truett Theological Seminary has allowed me to teach/coordinate a special one-week class on Christian community development. The class is taught in conjunction with a national or statewide conference that brings some of the best academics and practitioners to train seminary or master’s degree students (and some B.A. level) about the principles, best practices and challenges of impacting our cities through exegeting their communities, community organizing and listening to the concerns of residents, developing and evaluating programs, learning to advocate for holistic justice, etc. This year we will have Dr. Robert (Bob) Lupton, author of the popular books, Toxic Charity and Charity Detox, as one of our speakers who addresses the challenge of how ministries misuse their funds for the poor.

This year the pre-conference academic class will be taught in Houston on October 23-27 at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church, alongside the annual Texas Christian Community Development Network’s <> annual conference, called “No Need Among You” <> On Monday and Tuesday of that week, we invite outstanding practitioners and leaders to provide interactive presentations only with the students. On Wednesday through Friday noon, our plenary speakers and the 40 workshops during the NNAY Conference will challenge them to variety of topics, including practical social action programs addressing poverty, racial and economic disparities, job training, sex trafficking, education, advocacy, immigration, etc. I have attached the Truett syllabus from last year’s class in Dallas.

We invite you to join us! The approach we use is designed to include other seminaries and schools who want to participate, using your own approved syllabus and class # for your campus. Last year, B.H. Carroll Theological Institute, Dallas Baptist University, and Bakke Graduate University sent D.Min, M.Div and B.A. students. In fact, if you have qualified professors of record who not only want to attend, but teach some area of this class around the issues of Christian community development, we welcome your exploration of that. We ask that you donate $100 to the general fee to help advertise the class. Students are asked to pay an addition $50/each to us for the ministry tours on Monday or Tuesday.

Because many of you are already setting and approving fall classes now, I wanted you to be aware of this opportunity. If you have questions and want to consider this invitation, please email or call. The class has been an exciting way to give practical ministry skills to those who want to impact their community for the kingdom.

For more information, contact Jimmy Dorrell, D.Min @ <>.