Responding to Houston beyond immediate relief

by Kirk Craig Thank you to all who prayed, served, and donated toward Agape Development’s immediate disaster relief efforts. Agape Development staff delivered food and water to families during the storm and aftermath when many households ran out of food and were cut off from grocery stores, many of which were closed. Many neighborhoods throughout […]

Standing with DREAMers

by Brenda Kirk As a Christian and a mobilizer for the National Immigration Forum, I spent much of August hosting teams of faith and community leaders in visits with their congressional members. The goal; encourage Texas legislators to act with justice and mercy by protecting DREAMers for the good of Texas and our nation. “DREAMers” […]

Violence is never the answer

by Rucker Preston If there was ever a time that Jesus could have advocated for any level of violence as a means to an end, it was the night that He was betrayed. When the priests and officers carried torches, swords and clubs to arrest Jesus, Peter struck the ear of the high priest’s servant […]