New Book on Social Justice: Civic Sermons by Gerald Britt

TxCCDN Board Member Gerald Britt has a new book out that addresses race and poverty, economic/neighborhood development, education, and politics all through a local lens. In Civic Sermons: Ideas for a Different Civic Culture (Austin Brothers Publishers, Dec. 2014), Britt looks at issues and decisions affecting the local community. “As you read about young men dying too early […]

“Chasing Smoke” – Documentary on Restorative Justice

“The way we handle discipline in our schools, prisons and even our homes, is like throwing water on smoke. We see the smoke so we attack smoke, completely ignoring the fire that is consuming everything around us. This documentary on restorative justice in schools is an attempt to get people to extinguish the fire rather […]

Mentor/Mentee Relationships Change Lives

Here is one story about mentoring and life transformation from Generation One in Houston, a program focused on ending generational poverty: “This is Jeremy, one of our mentors and his mentees, Pharrell & Draven. (You are only supposed to have 1 mentee but Jeremy couldn’t handle one of the brothers being left behind so he […]