Philosophy of Ministry

Our Mission:

Based on God’s incarnational love through Jesus Christ, the Texas Christian Community Development Network (TxCCDN) is called to bring healing and hope to disadvantaged communities, neighborhoods and residents of the Lone Star State by connecting, educating, training and advocating for the poor and marginalized in Texas.

What We Do:

Connect: TxCCDN connects churches, volunteers, non-profit practitioners, resourced and under-resourced communities by bringing them into working relationships with each other for the sake of the least of these and developing communities.

Educate: Through TxCCDN we learn together and educate others about the Biblical principles of development and empowerment in light of the poor and oppressed in Texas, fulfilling our purpose for the Kingdom of God.

Train: TxCCDN trains and equips groups and organizations in mutually beneficial and innovative practices that empower the poor to cycle out of poverty.

Advocate: TxCCDN advocates and works together with others to give voice to the poor and marginalized who are on the outside of institutional power.

How We Do It:

Empowering- We work in such a way that everyone is given the dignity of responsibility and autonomy.  Rather than dependency, our communities and neighbors achieve a healthy balance of interdependence.

With Love– You cannot help a person without first loving that person.  Bitterness, hate and distrust do not bring about shalom for our communities.  Dr. Martin Luther King said, “Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”  Jesus said, “They will know you are my disciples by the way you love one another.”

Listening– We believe the first experts on ending economic poverty are those currently experiencing poverty.  We learn from them by listening to them. The relationship building activity of getting to know the poor leads to love for them as individuals, and it is as important as the informational gathering activity of listening to those who are poor and developing solutions together that empower them.